• Arghh!! it's so damn cute!! geram sgt aku tgok..literally,i can't keep ma eyes off it! especially from this side ^_^

OMG!!! literally,aku geram sgt!! haha bkn sbb ape la..sbb geram ngn 1 shoe nih!! ouhh so frustrating dat i couldn't afford it wa3 Y_Y haha....seriously,klu la duit simpanan PTPTN aku dh msuk time nih,kompem aku beli without any hesitation muahaha ^_^ i mean,come on..!! it's so cute,charming,dazzling,elegant!! magnifiq!! (dat's the French word,but i can't spell it precisely hee ;DD )'s the story la...maybe not dat interesting hehe... well,i went to JJ wangsa maju with my sis,kak dila... we reached there,then we juz gazing around,window shopping...?? ek?? haha it's juz me la yg window shopping,my sis la yg shopping sakan haa (oh dear it's so damn unfair huk3 Y_Y ) so after we went to Zing,where she bought her new sunglasses..we went to Vincci shop (one of my favourite shoe collection ;DD ) my sis wants to buy a watch there...she asks 4 my opinion which one is the prettier or simple-but-elegant-sorta-looking watch...haha too many conditions though wa3 ^_^ but i juz simply show dis 1 watch dat's really simple but shiningly beautiful,trust,she bought it haha ^_^

so then,while waiting 4 her to pay her shoe n watch,i was gazing n looking around..until i saw dis shoe!! first i wasn't dat into it..but later i tried it...OMG!!! it's actually NICE!! ohoo...i looked at its price,then.... GULPP!! no!!! Y_Y ouhh it tears me apart... (haha so much the drama..even i laughed about it myself ^_^ ) haha actually,it's not dat expensive,i could afford it actually...but at dat time,i didn't have enough money huk3 Y_Y it costs for RM49 only,plus it has 20% discount!! ouhh so it only costs RM30++ only!! dammit...hee ;DD truthfully,when my sister asked for the person who worked there to auter the watch,throughout the time,i didn't...transparently ok...DIDN'T gaze out of dat shoe from my round shiny eyes from it hahax ;DD

haha so,i dh tekad...i want to collect money to buy dis shoe hahaha (bad tone..??) even if i had to clean up the pool outside of my house tu..i sanggup!! haha ^_^ so frenz,tamat la cter nye wahaha ;DD see,i told u,nothing interesting la hee~ tp seronok plak dpt cter kt blog nih haha ^_^



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