in time of 1st of Ramadhan

ngeh3 ari first Ramadhan pn dh mcm2 dugaan aku dpt uwh...saba je la kn,nseb bek la blh bersabar hee~ ;DD

pg2 lg dlm pkul 10 ade program halaqah,kali ni lecture session...ok gk la,xde la ngantuk pn hee..sis husna plak mmg ok gk cre dia preaching...haa then ade la dia tnjukkn 2 video klip neh,mmg sayu wehh...first video tu video lagu Ahmed Bukhatir...lagunye bertajuk Forgive me when I whine...lagu neh psl mensyukuri nikmat kurniaan badan kita yg sempurna anggotanya...kita dpt berjalan,mendengar dgn baik,dpt melihat alam dunia neh dgn cuba kita fikirkan tntg insan di luar sne yg serba kekurangn dr segi keupayaan diri mreka sndri...dlm video tuh,firstly Ahmed Bukhater naek bas,then he saw a little girl,looking at him,smiling widely and sincerely to him...he replied her back with a big smile too...then,when the girl and her grandfather la maybe,wanted to get off the bus,then Ahmed realized dat she doesn't have one leg...but despite of dat,she can still walk with one leg and a crutch...and yet,she still,what a great girl huh...even she can hold the burden of being like dat,then why can't we?? and then,he encountered with a candy man..hee well,a man dat sell candies...he went there to buy some,and then,he realized dat the man's,he's sympathetically buy the candy,and then the guy was soooo glad...the guy said dat 'i thank u,u've been so kind...u see,i'm blind...' how modest he is....... ade lg eventnye,but u all kne tgok la sndri,bru blh hayatinye ^_^ gi kt youtube,then type Ahmed Bukhatir -Forgive me when i whine...

and then,the second video is about a man named Nick dat video,u may be suprised dat he doesn't have any arms and legs...he taught about getting back up after u fall down...mmg touching gle la tgok vdeo tuh...ade gk kt youtube...type Are u going to finish Strong with Nick Vujicic...

so,after halaqah,ktrg gi window shopping jap...then,balek mahallah utk discuss presentation management..huu bncg pe nye,gelak je lbeh wa3~ :DDD



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