berlapang dada ;)

hehe ni minah perasan jek neh ;PPP gmbr ini sekadar hiasan semata2...

ape2 yg trjadi,psti ade hikmahnye kn...huu slalunye ble ditimpa mslh,tu je la yg slalu didengari kn..hee well,betul la kn...umpama apabila kita ditimpa last2,kita dpt pelangi di akhirnye...sweet jek dgr kn hee~but..there are some times,when we reaalllyy want to give up...bcoz all of our efforts didn't make any can we say about dat??maybe the time for our best result hasn't yet to come,rite?? i always see some people dat always complaining about what they failed to achieve...some people juz keep it to themselves,but inside of them,they were determined to do better for the next same or different situation...not all of what we want,we can get them,can't we?? maybe what's the best for other people is not the best for us,and vice versa...
the point is dat,whenever we failed to do something,or whatever we want to do,firstly we hve to clear up our mind,and think outside of the box...dun be so spoiled,dat in the end,we can't thinking maturely and rationally dat could lead ourselves to some bad consequences....
*hee sje je nk merepek2 kali neh,bkn pe...juz wanna share some knowledge with all of my readers...sharing some knowledge is a sadaqah,u know..hee~ ^_^



  1. kak, whut eva happened ,
    igt ea ? try to be strong,
    blve urself den u can do it.
    insyaallah, if u guys ada jodoh,
    jaoh mana pown korg dua, trok mana pown korg dua bergado.
    u guys still together okea ?
    btw iloveyou kak

  2. huu tq syg...
    akk appreciate sgt2 skgn lia neh..
    teharu gk uwhh hee~
    sedih tu mmg sedih gle..
    tp biarlah jodoh yg tentukn,btl?

  3. btol tuh (: jodoh tuh sume kat tgn tuhan.
    takira la sjaoh mana pown kte ngan dye,
    strok mana pown petengkaran kte ngn dye.
    sebesar mana pown pergadohan kite ngn dye...
    kalau da mmg jodoh kite ngan dye takan kemana kan kak kan kan ??
    hehehe (:


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