Kenny G

OMG!! now,i'm really addicted to dis guy's songs!!

his name is Kenny G..he's a saxofone player (i wonder if i spelled it right?? ^_^ ) well he can't sing,but he can talk hak3 (lawak sengal dh) what i meant is dat his songs are really beautiful...they touch ur heart and mesmerized deeply into ur soul...everytime i'm hearing his songs,i feel peaceful and calm ^_^ not to mention dat i also burst into tears for some of his songs! literally! hehe ^_^ ni sume abah aku pnye pasal laa hehe eh2 in a good way la....

sbb dr kcik lg abah aku slalu pasang lgu kenny G dlm kreta dia..kdg2 dlm umah pn pasang gk...sjak dr tu,aku blh hafal his rhythm,his songs...ingt2 gk la kn...then ntah cmne,abah aku mcm dh xslalu psg la kn..yela kdg2 tkar2 taste la kn...then skrg neh,xtau la nape tbe2 tringt blek kenny G neh,then kepingin la nk dgr lgu lg,dh la mlm neh mmg tenet smooth,download la lgu dia byk2 hak3 ^_^



  1. i really noe how u feel nw.
    and whut u're thinking in ur mind nw
    cz i was in ur place b4 and till nw..
    itu biasa lah kak. mule2 kite kehilangan sumone dat we realy luv.
    its hard to forget bout him so easly aite.
    kite terasa like our life sgt lah tidak smpurna kan..
    nvm just stay strong.
    u still have ur friend behind u my dear.
    and me too ada jea ngan akak.

  2. hehe tq lia...
    yup2 lia pn dh byk tlg akk en...
    ni yg syg lia much2!!!
    hehe ^_^
    lia pn stay strong eh...


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