got to have target!

hee saje menyingkap memory ;)) miss u all gurlz!!

aiyoo nowadays i always kinda missing my point to take my education seriously *_* many things already distracted me arghh!! *_* huhu btw,mmg fedup btol la ngn ptptn!! xdpt2 gk scholar money for dis sem *_* mmg rse nk ketok jek dorg nih,tyme aku apply dlu pnye ssh payah nk dptkn pengesahan huk3 dh mle rse nyesal amek ptptn neh T_T huhu anyhow,i have exam dis saturday,on friday wanna meet my dearest frenz coz gotta see peep before her departure to melbourne,aussie T_T gonna miss u peep!!! ouhh yeah,rsenye bnda nih xde kne mngena ngn title agagaga watever je la!! ;)))


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