ouhh bangganye wehh dpt award nih hehe ;PP

TQ to dik ezzah ;DD for tag akk..teharuu gk la dpt award nih ecehh~ sbnrnye sblm nih dpt gk dr cik myza ;DD tp aku xsempat nk tgok pn kt blog sweetlens dia ;)) so tq gk myza ;DD
ouhh2 and hepy befday to myza!!

ahaa dh mmg tabiat aku,aku suke cilok gmba org ;PP
ok2,nk post psl award nih pn ade rules nye ;DD ....

Regulations to receive the award:

1) Thank and link the person that give you the award:

Thank you dik ezzah adnan, for the award and tag akk ;))

2) Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think they're fantastic:

yg len nnti aku cari lg ;DD

3) Contact the blogs and let they know they've won the award:

okeyh~ ;DD (haha jwpn trademark aku ;PP)

4) State 7 things about yourself:

i) i love to eat ;PP

ii) i wear braces ^_^

iii) i love my fmly and frenz ;DD

iv) i like to sleep and watch TV ;PP

v) i am a gentle yet sweet but stone-headed girl,trust me ;PP

vi) i dun like people to judge others based on their looks or's not fair u know ;DD

vii) i love to online and connected to people i know,not strangers ;PP


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