best reunion everr~

ahaa yeayyy!! juz got back from PORT DICKSON ;)) ofcoz as expected,it was a BLAST!! ;DD it's been a while since we all gathered and get together to have some fun and laughing to each other till our stomach is about to explode ;DD eventhough there were some problems regarding to the budget,but we've made it through eventually ;)) THANKS A LOT to those who came and supported the reunion and also some of the budget ;DD we've really been grateful to all of u ;)) may all our memories will live forever ;)) love u all ^_^

haha kenangan yg paling best bg aku adalah tyme jln2 kt tepi pantai time mlm woo... ngn yanyan,mira,ain,faisal alwie,arm n others ;DD korg mmg best la,sporting abess~ ;DD also tyme game truth o dare haha gile best ;DD and also time borak2 ngn sal ;DD gile la,tyme tuh mmg open gile ngn sal,ape2 hal jek senang nk ckp ngn dia..borak psal ape?oopss,it's our little secret,kan sal?? ;))

ahaa and then, BANANA BOAT! ohoo best sgt2.. hehe dh la jtuh 4 kali! (sbnrnye 3 kali jek patotnye,tp yg kedua tuh xsengaja,pakcik tuh ter-corner lebeh ckit,tp best! ;DD ) haha lg2 mira! mule2 ckp la takot la hape.. dy tgok aku naek,trus ikut wa3~ then2 dia plak yg seronok haha tp syok la mira en ;DD haha yg klakar nye,tyme kali ke 3 tuh,aku sorg jek yg xjatuh wa3~ seronok gk bile tgok sume org kt dpn aku nih jatuh,sekelip mata jek haha klakar wehh,mcm seiring sejalan jek rentak dorg sume jatuh,haha klakar ;DD tp korg mmg best! ;DD

dh upload gmba2 nih,tp ade byk lg kt myza,fatin,nuar,azree n lain2 lg.. nk tgok kt album aku gi je kt facebook aku nih ;DD



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