ohhhh i dun like this ;(( uhuu what is it that i dun like?? PRESSURE. yes,pressure, or in other word, tension and stress ;(( huuu maybe all of u will be kinda weird,bcoz i've been through a lot of excitement these days, and i looked happy.. huuu i wish that i can stay that way too.. but i was worried about the commitment that i have to fulfill, the future that i can't seem to identify how it works.. i hate it when i have to be sceptical of my own ability to handle things.. i used to be good and efficient in managing things and commitments dat i have to face.. but now..??? i'm just sort of a failure ;(( yes,u all can say that it is a test for me.. but how much longer can i bear this burden on top of my head?? ;(( there are times when i can be on the top,but sometimes i can be on the bottom.. ohhh help me~ ;(((


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