precious : family

hahaha look at dat's my kiddy cat,Coco..hehe mmg bengong ckit kucing neh,slalu sgt tido cmtu ^_^
anyway,today i just spent my precious time with my fmly...zety blek arini,so mkin gawat la umh neh hehe bak kata aku kt kak dila 'klu nk umh nie betul2 bising,kne ade nana n tati kt umah' hehe i guess i'm right hehe ^_^ so,we had lunch together...after dat we,the sisters, ^_^ had a conversation,juz a simple one...
kitorg juz talking,psl zety n her college probs,also psl kak dila pnye pregnancy hahaha yg nih mmg ktrg gelak2 gle smpikn kak dila gelak nk nanges hahaha...ade la issue nye,malu kot nk ckp kt post neh haha ;PP
but somehow i got a feeling when i looked at kak dila and her belly,which contains another life inside... it makes me thinking dat how fast life and time had gone and i still dunno what to achieve in my journey of life..well of course,as a Muslim we have to gain the Mardhotillah,dat's 1 of my true purposes..other things,like what i will be when i will grow up...?? can i be a good person to the society? can i be a good daughter to my parents? can i be a good wife and mother?(even if i will get married ^_^) things can go wrong these's juz make me thinking.... and of course,inspired me too... ;DD


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