thank you Tim Mounger~~ ^_^

i just read again the mail that i've received from my new friend ^_^ well i do consider him as my friend,but i dunno if he is also consider me as his friend..but however,before that.....

if u all noticed on my previous posts,i've put a poem that's written by Tim Mounger,entitled Somewhere in the Darkness.... if u don't and curious about it,then find it urself on my previous posts hehe ^_^ anyway i got some stories after i post the poem....

at one night,while my friends and i were discussing and finishing our term paper/assignment,i was also online the net and opened my mail...suddenly i noticed that i got a mail that the recipient was Tim Mounger!! but at first,i was thinking 'tim mounger?? where the hell did i've heard of that name before??' then after i read the contents,i was like... OMG!! the poet!! (0_0) so at first i was like freakingly scared and worried,bcoz of what??bcoz i was recklessly copied his poems without his far as i'm concerned,he can sue me for doing dat,bcoz it's his patent,his trademark...then i replied back,saying sorry,apologizing and stuff...but u know what??he said its ok,juz leave it there.he was actually flattered dat i used his poem to describe how i felt at dat time.... by then i was totally relieved and thankful to him....then,i realized dat how noble people are who were passionate about life and taking challenges patiently...i really hope that i can be like him and other people who are trying to make the best in their lives,including my dearest Ryan......

to Tim Mounger (if u read this ^_^) - i'm really thankful to u for understanding me...and again,i'm sorry if dis post doesn't flattered u but by this way,i can show u how much i really appreciate what u did to me ^_^ again,thank u and may u have a blissful life ^_^



  1. 'suddenly i noticed that i got a mail that the 'recipient' was Tim Mounger!!'

    bukn recipient,sender laa... :) recepient tu hang laa..hahaha. :)
    eyy,ckp la kat tim tu tati pun tulis poem gak. ;D hahahahaha

  2. haha trsilap,xperasan pon..
    bia je la haha ^^
    hang xamek poem dy,hang tulis poem sndri!
    xpyh gtau lerr...

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  4. I do consider you as my new friend as well!! I hope life is treating you much better, and that you are now in a much better place. Thank you for all of your kind words, and I hope my poem continues to help those who read it and find themselves in similar situations.

    I am still flattered that you would use it on your page, and I wish you a blissful life as well!!

    Hope you'll keep in touch!! :)



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