i reallyyy love this guy

haha siapa yek?? hehe kalau boleh la aku nak sangat2 jumpa dia, sekali pun cukup la.. nak mintak dia mainkan at least satu lagu untuk aku ;)) jeng jeng jeng~ ;DDD

yes, my regular readers do know that i'm totally in love with Kenny G ;DD haha but not in the sense that i wanna marry him!! ;PP i juz love his songs, really harmonic, brings tears of joy in my eyes.. ;)) if u like a smooth, relaxing and soft songs, but at the same time it is enthusiastic, romantic and sweet, then Kenny's songs are the one for you ;))

i'm madly in love with his songs, so there is some things that if u all wanna make me kinda feeling appreciated, or something like dat, juz do these:

1) fix me an appointment with him so that i can meet him and demand him to at least play me Titanic - insrumental song for me hohoho~ (which is almost like impossible) ;DDD

2) buy me all his albums, with his autograph on them! ;))

3) practise playing saxophone and play me my favourites among his songs ;DDD

4) the least one is u meet me and juz play his DVD on ur car or mp3 or ipod or anything je la hehe ;DD

hehe these are among my favourites of his songs :

Don't Make Me Wait for Love

Forever in Love


That Champion's theme

The Moment


Titanic (instrumental)

m0ntena : haha gile demanding la aku nih ;PPP


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