stressed out!

yes, i know that when somebody get stressed, people around him or her will say to look life positively, saying dat he or she can do it.. but hey, we are humans rite?? sometimes we are on top of the cycle, but sometimes we're at the bottom...

same thing goes on to me T_T i felt stressed out already.. i've tried to find a solution for my problems and over-emotional thingy, but somehow i can't seem to find the answer.. sometimes i see it as a promising and a good opportunity for me in the future, but to accomplish it, is not a simple task.. yes, there is no shortcut to success, when there is a will there is a way.. i just have to be patient and juz do my best..

sometimes i already gave the best out of me and my capabilities.. however, the outcomes are giving me the opposite, over and over again.. hence, my mind occasionally started to thinking as if i'm not compatible or able to do this anymore.. even people around me didn't notice of me and my abilities.. sometimes i got cut off or even being assumed as a 'nobody' T_T dat's the tough one, nobody recognized u in a sense that could bring benefit to them ;(((

m0ntena : damn it, my eyeballs are like gonna bounced out of my eyes 0_0


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