maryam's crying+laughing ;D

salam to all my readers ;)) and good day ;DD hope that u all are in good shape and beneath the blessings of Allah ;))

hehe i just wanna share this one of my favourite home videos ever ;DD this is maryam, my beloved niece, for now haha! she's actually crying, because she was sleepy and irritated.. but she held her eyes and trying not to sleep.. to cheer her up, my little sister, zetty a.k.a maryam's mak su, is trying to tease her and make this kinda pigeon-like-voice to her ;DD hehe but in the end, she's actually laughing and crying, both at the same time in this video ;DD i've already uploaded this video on my facebook, but some of my blog readers are not in my facebook friend's list (really?? usually my friends are my regular readers hehe~) well, enjoy the cutenesssss overload!! :DDD

for better viewing, play it in HD ;)) you know how to do it ;))


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