i have a dream!

dream yang bermaksud IMPIAN okehhh~ bukan yang bermaksud MIMPI :P mimpi hanya imaginasi, bukan realiti. impian pula adalah 'mimpi' yang kita usahakan untuk realisasikannya :D orait itu baru definisi dan perbezaan. :D

i bet each and every one of you have your own dream.

nak jadi usahawan berjaya?
nak buka klinik persendirian?
nak buka firma perguaman sendiri?
nak cipta nama di gelanggang dunia dalam bidang fesyen?
nak jadi penyanyi yang berpengaruh?

perasan something tak? semua yang aku katakan tadi adalah IMPIAN, bukan PEKERJAAN :) why? ok let's think about it and differentiate k.

usahawan  = PEKERJAAN.
doktor = PEKERJAAN.
peguam = PEKERJAAN.
pereka fesyen = PEKERJAAN.
penyanyi = PEKERJAAN.

each of these things are JOBS. think about it. semua orang boleh pilih untuk jadi usahawan, doktor, peguam, atau apa-apa pekerjaan pun. semua orang ada equal chance that he or she can achieve and have a job for themselves. betul tak? memang betul laa~ :P

but a DREAM?

impian pula adalah perkara yang kita hajatkan, yang kita mahu sangat-sangat, dengan melangkaui daripada jangkaan, batas, atau kemampuan kita untuk menggapai matlamat yang lebih tinggi daripada pekerjaan kita yang sedia ada. contoh macam yang aku ada katakan di atas, daripada being a regular doctor, you may have a dream to open your own clinic. or maybe to have your own hospital. from being a regular businessman, you may wanted to expand your business into a higher level and perhaps into the international level and mark your products into the map of the world.

dreams can be moulded on several forms, depends on the oneself's imagination and expectation. honestly, not everyone could achieve their own dreams. depends on their own circumstances and situations. but if you have the endeavour, honesty, and patience, i promise you someday you can achieve it. :)

as for me, since i was a little girl, i've always dreamed of opening my own cafe, or bistro. serving my cakes, pastries, bakeries, and even drinks like coffees and teas to my customers. furthermore to make some new things, i wanted to collaborate with my sister, where she can promote her collections of books to my customers who love to read, for example. i love to bake, and i believe that i have the talent and passion to bake. teringat dulu time aku baru darjah 6, aku pernah masak lebih daripada 10 biji kek coklat untuk makcik-makcik yang order kat aku untuk jadi sajian hari raya :) and mostly Alhamdulillah they love it!

but sadly though that my parents did not really understand this. i want this so bad that they couldn't let me do it. i was heart-broken when my mum immediately said that i can't enrol in a-professional-level bakery and pastry class in PJ. i know the price is so expensive to enrol for it, but i see it as a great investment for me to sharpen my skills and i can give 100% high quality service for my customers T_T i also believe that if i do something that i have a complete passion and love into it, i can accomplish my dreams no matter how hard the challenges might throw at me.

i know they want me to be an accountant because that JOB is one of the most promising jobs available nowadays. i understand that and i admit that the job prospect derived from being an accountant is highly anticipated. i will do my job, but at the same time i will accomplish my dream. i will look on the perspective which if i have my accounting and business administrative skills, it means that i have increases my intellectual capital into myself so that i can have more competitive advantages than others :D

biarlah sekarang aku tak dapat nak belajar memasak dan baking untuk tajamkan skill aku. but i will collect my own money, hasil titik peluh aku sendiri, untuk bina cafe aku sendiri. :) just do anything, like part-time jobs, raising funds, just anything as long as they are alligned to the shari'ah. :)

now that is a DREAM. :)

i hope that you guys out there can pursue your OWN dream, not what others said what you should pursue of. :)

teringin nak masuk Masterchef Malaysia, tapi macam tak layak lagi, banyak kena belajar T_T next time nak share resipi buat tiramisu cake dengan korang. tersangatlah senang~ :D gambar atas tu hiasan jek, bukan aku punye tehee~


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  1. nana try la explain kt parent ko elok2..
    bkk bisnes ni mmg byk untungnya cume byk cabaran jela..
    aku ley tlg ko buat business plan...hehe;P


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