love not being appreciated

ever been in love? how about your love is never been appreciated or at least get any attention from the one you loved? i know that the love to the most Gracious is the eternal love, but one of the ways to attain it is by loving His other creations and gifts... it is undeniable to say that every person wants to love and being loved ;)) God has created His creatures by pairs, and it is a pure and deep feeling when it comes to LOVE ;))
haha i dah jiwanggg~ ;PP

ok2 this song is about a man whose love has never been appreciated by the woman he's in love with.. more like the woman did not really see and understand of what the man will or capable of doing for her.. very sweet, yet sad and goes-through-your-heart kind of song ;)) it's Bruno Mars' entitled Grenade ;)) he'd really pulled it off and sang very well ;)) i love it! enjoy~

this one is the official music video of the song.. if you guys really wanna know the true meaning of the song, you have to look into the lyrics ;)) go to this one below:

(i'd reaallllyyy addicted to this song!)


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