Ryan Higa - my joker.

Assalamualaikum! :D

i don't know why it took almost three years for me to notice this guy! i mean, he's such a handsome man! :D ngehehe~ but apart of that, i love his style, the way he is making jokes around those petty things, even on the Bieber Fever. :D you all know who am i talking about, right? :)

Ryan Higa. if you all still don't know this guy, please go to NigaHiga, his youtube channel and watch all of his videos. trust me, you won't regret it. i knew about him from maria elena's blog and at that time, i knew that i've heard his name before. it's just that i don't give a damn much about him haha sorry bro! but now, i'm one of his fans. not ultimately. because i only treat his videos when i got bored or down and i need a reason to laugh my butt off. just kidding. but seriously.

this one is my ultimate favourite, especially the last part of the video! :D i laughed myself out everytime i watch it. and also his own rant called 'Off the Pill', where he will babble himself about things that he wanted to say, such as this one below.

just watch it, maybe you guys can get the point about what he said :D but seriously, just enjoy it :)

i hope you guys will enjoy all of his videos too :D and i have one word for you; TEEHEE~


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